Our Choreographers


Ben Faustino has become known in the community for his raw and “cool” take on choreography. His first breakthrough into the hip hop dance community was being an instructor at U4ria Dance Studio. While leading the team formerly known as U4ria Company, he was able to compete at world-wide competitions such as World of Dance, Hip Hop Internationals, and Prelude South. Within the dance industry, he has worked for artists such as Ciara, Daryela, and Timbaland, and was brought on as a choreographer for pop artist Jake Miller’s “Collide” music video. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, Ben began competing with the world renowned competitive adult dance team, GRV. He is now one of the few head choreographers for not only GRV, but also their junior competitive team, GRaVy Babies.


Clancy discovered her passion for dance in 8th grade and shortly after, she auditioned for DA. She was a member of DA freshman through senior year, and enjoyed every division, serving as a captain for her junior and senior year. Clancy was also a member of Gravy Babies from 2016-2018. Clancy is currently enjoying her second year as a member and captain of The G.O.O.D. Project.


Marc first started dancing in 2007, during his second year in college, at UCI where he joined an exhibition dance team called MCIA.  After graduating from UCI with a degree in Biological Sciences, Marc joined his first competitive team GRV.  After a couple of years as a dancer on GRV he worked to earn positions on GRV’s board.  Now, he is currently one of the artistic directors for both GRV and GRaVy Babies.  Through his dance programs and classes, Marc strives to provide guidance, empowerment, and inspiration for any dancer to discover their unique talent and their passion for art and movement expression.


Micah Wong first started dancing when he joined DA during his freshman year of high school in 2016, and stayed on the team for all four years.  While on DA, he also danced on other community teams including Kaba Kids, GRaVy Babies, and BYOG.


Nick Joseph is a dancer and choreographer for GRV and GRaVy Babies. He teaches regularly at Snowglobe Perspective and has taught domestically within the U.S., as well as internationally in parts of Asia. He has worked with a number of world renowned choreographers such as Bam Martin, Sorah Yang, and Brian Puspos. Outside of dance, Nick is a current student at California State University, Fullerton pursuing studies in public relations.


Victoria Castreje is a dancer, personal trainer, and wellness enthusiast with 8 years of dance experience and 4 years in the Southern California dance community. She spent her college years at UC Riverside dancing with 909 Hip Hop Dance Troupe, serving her last year as Co-Director. She has worked dance competitions, including Ultimate Brawl and Arena LA, and has taught high school students pieces for recital performances. Victoria has also studied under Sorah Yang through her program The Artful Balance of Business and Dance in May 2020.