As we plan and budget for the year, it is based entirely on the fundraising and donations by the team/parents/booster. It was outlined in the initial parent/team meeting the costs, and if the cost were evenly distributed across the team members, the team member donation would be $1250 for the season. We set up an estimate schedule of $250 per month per member for 5 of the 6 months spanning June through December to achieve this goal.

In order to effectively manage our budget and donation/fundraising efforts , we need a clear understanding of the commitment of the team members and parents. Although the outcomes will not always be the same, we do expect each team member to actively participate in fundraising efforts to their best ability.

We understand that circumstances change and your commitment may need to be amended. You may modify your commitment any time, we only ask that you inform [email protected] so that we can prepare to adjust our budget. If we fail to plan, we are only planning to fail.